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SURFACE WATER TEMP:  19.0 °C    UPDATED:  15-07-2024
IMPORTANT SAFETY UPDATE - Bringing a child to Vobster? important guidance now available
Vobster Quay welcomes freedivers and scuba divers with a range of high quality facilities that provide all you need to enjoy a fun and leisurely diving experience.
Photos copyright © Jason Brown
Welcome to the UK's friendliest inland diving venue! Offering the very best fresh water diving and unrivalled onsite support services, Vobster Quay has something to offer every diver.
Whether you're just getting started in scuba diving or you're an experienced techie looking to polish your skills in preparation for adventures ahead, Vobster Quay has it all. With depths from 6 to 36 metres and a myriad of fascinating underwater attractions just waiting to be explored, we offer a rich variety of diving to suit divers of every level - all accessible via convenient entry points located close to our sturdy kitting up benches and car park.

Topside you'll find a great selection of diving facilities to help you get the most out of your visit. From dive kit hire to cylinder gas fills and retail sales, Vobster Quay offers everything you need to enjoy a great day of diving.

Please note you must pre-book to dive at Vobster Quay - do not turn up if you have not pre-booked a session through our online booking portal. First visit? We recommend you read our handy guide to planning your first visit to Vobster Quay.
Lurking beneath the waters of Vobster Quay you'll find a rich assortment of fascinating submerged objects just waiting to be discovered. What will you discover?
From the fuselage of an ex-Royal Navy Commando Sea King Helicopter to the shell of a British Army Armoured Personnel Carrier and a 15-metre long shipwreck that provides the perfect introduction to wreck diving for less experienced divers, we've got dive attractions to suit divers of all levels. Don't miss our Quarry Crushing Works - it's as big as a house!
Dive instructors looking for a training site that offers a safe, convenient and richly varied training environment need look no further - we've got you covered!
Whether you're teaching entry-level open water students or advanced technical or CCR courses, our lake provides the perfect venue to ensure your students get the safest and best possible training experience. Underwater we offer a generous number of solid training platforms placed at recognised depths and easy ingress and exit from the water.
Vobster is home to a wide range of fish and other aquatic species which can add a fun natural element to any dive.
It's not uncommon for visiting divers to encounter shoals of freshwater fish species including large Perch and Roach. These fish can grow to quite a large size and commonly congregate in large groups in the shallows, making them quite a spectacle at the end of your dive.

Working in conjunction with Bristol Zoological Society, Vobster is also proud to be an 'ark' site for the native endangered white-clawed crayfish.
Vobster Quay offers visiting divers an unrivalled range of onsite support services to keep you diving. From gas fills to servicing and kit hire, we're here to help.
Divers need something to breathe underwater and our onsite gas station is there to satisfy all your breathing gas requirements. Whether you just need an air or enthriched air nitrox fill or something more exotic like trimix or oxygen for rebreather tanks, we can pump gas of any mixture to a maximum of 232-bar. We also offer rental equipment too including tanks (singles and twinsets), weights, computers and fins in most sizes.

We also offer equipment servicing on a range of gear including tanks, regulators and computers. Call us to discuss your servicing requirements.
Whether you're a seasoned Vobster veteran or an occasional visitor, a night dive at Vobster Quay is an experience not to be missed. With nothing more than your torch beam to guide you, the lake waters take on an entirely new feel that makes for a truely unique experience.
Everything in the lake feels somehow 'different' with the shadows cast by your torch beam giving the lake's many varied dive attractions a wholly new and unique perspective. Whilst some find night diving 'spooky', others love the feeling of deep relaxation of peacefulness in the darkness. For those that have never experienced this unique experience, our night dive evenings offer the perfect opportunity to join one of the many night diving courses run by local dive clubs and schools.

The darker hours offer the perfect opportunity to spot our famous white-clawed crayfish as they go about their business scurrying around the various nooks and crannies to be found on the lake floor.

Our night dive evenings are run on an adhoc basis to coincide with the change in the seasons - from Winter to Spring and Summer to Autumn. We recommend you keep an eye on our news section and our social media channels for news on when they are next scheduled to run.
Photo courtesy of Scuba Blue
Nestled snugly in the heart of the beautiful Somerset countryside, Vobster Quay welcomes divers of all levels. However in order to dive here at Vobster, you must be either a Vobster Quay diving member or the guest of a diving member.
Becoming a diving member here at Vobster Quay is very simple and offers a multitude of benefits including the one every diver craves - access to 12 months of the very best scuba diving right here at Vobster! We understand that membership isn't right for everyone, though - for some, a visit to Vobster Quay is something they can only really do once or twice a year. And we get that.

To ensure that even our occasional visiting divers are catered for, we now offer Sunday afternoon diving sessions which are open to ALL DIVERS - members and non-members alike! Running between April and the end of October, these sessions start at 14:00 and run through to 20:00 so there's plenty of time to enjoy at least two dives during your visit.

How can you book Sunday PM sessions? Just hop on to our online booking portal and REGISTER AS A DIVER, including accepting the terms and conditions. You'll only need to do this once. Once complete, just log in and you'll see Sunday afternoon sessions available to book up to four weeks ahead.
We like to think that Vobster Quay offers the highest quality, friendly & stress-free place to scuba dive. To ensure your safety and enjoyment, we ask all divers to observe the following rules and safety guidelines...
  • Always follow your diver training agency’s policy on safe diving practices. At no time should you undertake any dive that is beyond the level of your training or ability unless you are under-going training or supervision from a qualified and fully insured diving instructor.
  • Solo diving is not allowed at Vobster Quay at any time - even if you are qualified and/or trained to do so. Any diver found to be diving solo will be asked to leave site.
  • Diving is not permitted outside of the site opening hours without prior arrangement with the management of Vobster Quay.
  • Divers under 18 must be under the direct supervision of an adult and must meet the mini-mum age requirements of their training agency.
  • No object may be removed from the lake or the site without the express permission of the Directors of Vobster Diving Ltd.
  • Portable compressors are not allowed at Vobster Quay. Breathing air, enriched air nitrox and trimix fills are available from our filling station.
  • Vobster Quay provides a number of entry points which offer a safe means to enter and exit the water. Entering or exiting the water at any point other than those designated for this pur-pose is not recommended.
  • Always check the area you are dropping into is safe and clear of hazards before entering the water. Pay particular attention to submerged objects such as large rocks - they may be shallower than you think!
  • Take precautions to minimise the risk of regulator free flows, especially during the winter months. We recommend the use of regulators specifically designed for cold water use. If in doubt, consult your regulator manufacturer.
  • Even during the summer months, deeper parts of the lake can be dark and very cold. Unless you are confident in such conditions, we recommend that you stay away from these areas for your own safety and comfort. Always use thermal protection appropriate for cold water diving, especially during the winter months.
  • Do not take on any dive below 30m without an alternative air source such as a pony bottle, a rebreather 'bail out' cylinder or a twinset.
  • Lakes can be very cold and very dark - always use equipment and thermal protection appropriate for such conditions. A neoprene hood and gloves is recommended at all times of the year.
  • Do not enter an overhead unless you are properly trained to do so. Due to their confined nature, these areas can silt up very quickly and become potentially hazardous without proper training.
  • We recommend that all ascents are carried out by following the side of the quarry to the surface. If you do ascend mid water, be aware of surface boat traffic and deploy a surface marker buoy to provide a stable ascent platform. Be mindful of divers above and below you.
  • Certain sections of the lake can be very silty and visibility can be reduced dramatically if this silt is disturbed. Avoid all contact with the lake bottom - especially with your fins - and be mindful of the ‘wash’ that your fins create behind you.
  • Most diving attractions at Vobster Quay are marked by a tethered buoy tied off to the attraction by a line of thick rope. If you plan to use these buoy lines for your ascent or descent, be mindful of divers that may be above or below you.
Emergency Procedures
In the event that you or a member of your group is involved in an emergency at Vobster Quay, please inform a member of the Vobster Quay staff immediately.

Our staff are there to assist you in such circumstances. ALL injuries - no matter how minor you think they are - must be reported to a member of our staff. We are there to help!

We employ a very simple diver recall signal that you should listen out for at all times when underwater. In the event of an incident that requires divers to exit the water, a member of our staff will pound a heavy object against one of the metal ladders located at the water's edge. If you hear the diver recall signal, make a safe ascent and exit the water by the nearest safe exit.

You are responsible for the management of your own safety at all times. Our staff are there to assist you but you or a member of your group must accept full responsibity for the management of any incident you may be involved in.