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IMPORTANT SAFETY UPDATE - Bringing a child to Vobster? important guidance now available
Vobster Quay offers an exciting range of IANTD diver training programs delivered by a team of experienced instructors passionate about delivering the very best training experience.
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Whatever you want to do - whether you're completely new to diving or you're an experienced diver wanting to expand your skills set to fully realise your diving ambitions - IANTD diver training at Vobster Quay can get you there.
We have always aimed to provide a high level of bespoke scuba training, from entry level to rebreather instructor. All our courses are tailored to the individual learning needs of our students with an emphasis on real-world indepth background knowledge and excellence in skills teaching.

We can meet you where you are and take your diving to where you would like it to be. If you have a specific dive or project in mind, we are happy to discuss how we can help you achieve it enjoyably and safely. All our programmes equip a diver with the skills and knowledge to become a safe, responsible and self-sufficient thinking diver.

Post-COVID, we are back in the water with the slimline set of programmes below. We're no longer offering entry-level training, but if you can't see what you would like from our selection of open circuit, coaching and specialty training programmes, please drop us a line and start a chat.
Tim started diving in 1990 while studying Marine Biology and Oceanography, becoming a BSAC Advanced Diver in 1993 and taking part in several scientific diving expeditions to Southern Ireland.

Tim began technical diving in 1999, taking part in the 990 magazine expedition to the Bullring in 2002 as an underwater videographer. Tim can offer training on open circuit up to Normoxic Plus (70m), CCR to Normoxic Plus (70m) and instructor training including sidemount up to Normoxic Plus. He also offers IANTD CCR instructor training up to ART dil on the VMS RedBare rebreather.

In recent years, Tim has applied his knowledge and experience to writing new materials for IANTD, starting with the IANTD Self Sufficient manual in 2017 followed by Photogrammetry and Scientific diving course materials in 2018.
Howard 'Hugo' Angel is an IANTD Normoxic Plus Trimix Instructor, an IANTD DPV instructor, IANTD Sidemount instructor, IANTD ART CCR instructor on the RedBare CCR and an experienced IANTD Hypoxic Trimix JJ-CCR diver.

Howard approaches technical diving with a single-minded determination and has worked as professional diver in England, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia. Howard is a dedicated cold water diver with a particular interest in deep diving, the overhead environment and rebreathers. Recent highlights include diving the wreck of SS Transylvania in 120 metres plus, deep channel dives and UK Mine diving.

Despite the high tech focus of his own personal diving, Howard is an enthusiastic trainer of divers and enjoys sharing the underwater world with both novice and experienced divers alike.
Always a water-sports enthusiast, Pete started diving 20 years ago and, as with his other hobbies of swimming and windsurfing, he rapidly transitioned into diver training which he has now been doing for over 10 years.

Pete loves to introduce people to the underwater world, ensuring that they put safety first with fun a very close second. He passionately believes that enabling individuals to develop their skills is a privilege that should be treasured.

He has logged over 5,500 dives around the world, with the majority in the cooler waters of Northern Europe. In addition to being an accomplished IANTD instructor, Pete also holds instructor ratings with PADI, the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) and Emergency First Response (EFR). He also holds recreational and technical diving qualifications with IANTD, TDI, PADI and BSAC.
IANTD Instructors all share one thing in common - a genuine passion for all-things diving. If you live and breathe diving and have an unstoppable drive to share that passion with others, IANTD wants to hear from you...
Becoming an IANTD Instructor offers a privileged opportunity to pass on your knowledge, experience and dive skills to the divers of tomorrow. With an IANTD Instructor Trainer as your mentor, IANTD Instructor courses are designed to develop and enhance your diving skills, teaching and supervisory skills in a controlled and structured manner.

Each IANTD Instructor level consists of an instructor evaluation course where you'll work alongside an IANTD Instructor Trainer to develop the tools and know-how to successfully deliver IANTD training at that level. For new IANTD Technical Instructors, you'll start at the 'tech lite' level teaching the IANTD Recreational Trimix and Advanced Recreational Trimix programs.

If you are already an experienced technical instructor with another diver training agency, contact us for options to join IANTD's team of professionals.