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SURFACE WATER TEMP:  18.8 °C    UPDATED:  16-09-2021
Updated: 19th September 2020
Onsite facilities get a boost!
New challenges mean new solutions! At the start of the summer, it seemed a tall order for Vobster to operate in a totally new way, but it's mostly worked and for the bits that haven't, we've got plans.
We have already converted the shelter into 'undercover outside' changing and just need to add a roof onto the new diving bench shelter outside the catering van. The last one suffered during one of the windier lockdown storms, but the new one will sport a new metal roof that no wolf can huff and puff at.

The centrepiece of our recent improvements, though, has to be Martin's bespoke 'Giant Stride' version 2, offering a whole dive team easy access to take the plunge on diving adventures. With sturdy kitting up benches along both sides, there's more than enough space for a full compliment of trainee divers, staff and - of course - instructors.

We have more plans for reroofing the swimmers shelter in the next few weeks, plus extending the shoreside seating at the ramp end for more swimmer water access. We are also planning some extra water access steps for dive groups to keep us all socially-distancing and healthy. Stay tuned for more updates when we have them!