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SURFACE WATER TEMP:  18.8 °C    UPDATED:  16-09-2021
Updated: 2nd December 2020
Vobster to reopen on 2nd December
In line with UK Government guidelines, we're pleased to announce that Vobster Quay will reopen for members-only swimming and diving from Wednesday 2nd December 2020.
We have now reactivated our online booking system at app.vobster.com so Vobster Quay members can jump straight back in and book sessions from Wednesday 2nd December onwards. Swimmers can book up to 14 days in advance and divers can book up to 30 days in advance.

Vobster Quay is currently a tier 2 location - even under tier three (very high alert), the site will remain open. In line with APSTO recommendations, we ask that all members travelling from a tier 3 area avoid visiting us until such time that their area is in the same (or better) tier level than Vobster Quay.

For more information on the Government's tier system, please refer to the UK Government website.

Site Procedures
Based on the latest UK Government guidelines, the following procedures will continue to apply at Vobster Quay:

  • The changing rooms and showers are still closed, and we ask all members to change in the new outdoor shelter on the far-side of the car park and not congregate in groups
  • Toilets are open as before
  • Mask wearing is compulsory in the shop
  • Please adhere to the tier restrictions for your own area and the area that Vobster Quay is in - we will remind you what these are at the entrance to the shop
  • Please follow the rule of 6 people meeting when it is allowed

As the government will be reviewing the tier system every 14 days, we have taken the decision to offer life guarding through the entirety of the winter. From the 2nd December until the end of March 2021, the first 4 hours of each day on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be life-guarded. This is to help everyone keep swimming through the winter in a safer environment, and allow you to have a place to swim without a buddy during life-guarded sessions.

Please use the benches provided in a responsible manner. During busier times, we will mark out the schools area with names to help everyone socially distance. Please respect these marked areas and follow any directions given to you by site staff.

As a thank you for your support during this difficult time, all current members will have an additional 28 days added to their membership.

Need to renew your swim or dive membership? Our phone lines will reopen from Monday 30th November for membership renewals. In the meantime, you can contact us via email at info@vobster.com.

Amidst all the seasonal happiness and unbridled joy at returning to diving and open water swimming again, we would like to politely remind all our visitors about some simple common-sense measures to keep everyone safe. We have come too far and worked too hard over the Summer months to drop the ball now and turn Vobster into a super-spreader site.

Help us to help you
Please help us to keep you, our staff and everyone who visits Vobster Quay safe by following these simple guidelines...

  • Please don't come to Vobster if you have coronavirus symptoms - a continuous cough, high temperature and/or loss of taste, plus any of the more unusual ones - purple feet, rashes shaped like circus animals etc.
  • Please don't come to Vobster if you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, are self-isolating or lives with someone who is self-isolating within the last 14 days. This isn't the bit where you 'jimmy the rules around' to suit your need to get wet - please give us all a chance.
  • If you are coming from a tier 3 area or somewhere still in lockdown (depending on what happens over the next few weeks), please really think carefully about whether it's a good idea to travel. The official advice allows plenty of loopholes, so we will trust you to use your commonsense.
  • If you feel compelled to attend a bubble busting group event, such as massive family party with hugs, illegal rave, crowded drinking den or other exciting versions of 'mass gathering with close contact' - please give it a few days to see what you might have won before your bring 'Bully's Special Prize' to Vobster.
  • If you are healthy, sensible and keen to dive, we will be delighted to work hard and keep Vobster safe for you to enjoy. Once you are here, please remember your social distancing, mask, hand cleaning and, er, social distancing again please.