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SURFACE WATER TEMP:  9.4 °C    UPDATED:  02-12-2023
28th May 2021
With Summer just around the corner, we expect to get a lot busier. In the interests of keeping everything running smoothly, we politely ask all swimmers to remember to follow our booking procedures.
Maybe it's the sunshine or maybe it's the excitement of finally being allowed out of lockdown for a long-awaited swim. Either way, we get it - you guys LOOOOOOVE to swim! Unfortunately it seems the fun has gone to some our our members' heads so a polite reminder is needed...

In recent weeks, we've noticed that an increasing number of swim members have been arriving onsite without following proper booking procedures. We therefore ask that ALL swim members follow these very simple guidelines:

  • BOOK IN ADVANCE - We know it may seem obvious but we've had a few swim members just turn up on site expecting to be able to swim. Our booking system is there for a reason - to allow us to control numbers to ensure we remain COVID SAFE. You cannot just turn up - YOU MUST BOOK IN ADVANCE. It's not difficult - just log into our booking portal at app.vobster.com and book yourself a swimming session.
  • STICK TO YOUR SESSION TIME - Talking of swim sessions, we've also had a few swimmers either forgetting or simply ignoring the time of their booked session. Booking a swim session on a given day does not allow you to swim at any time on that day! Again, we need to control the number of people on site at any given moment to ensure we remain COVID SAFE. Please help us keep Vobster Quay open by only turning up onsite during the session time you have booked. None of us wants to go into another lockdown!
  • FORGOTTEN YOUR SESSION TIME? - If you need a reminder of what session time (and date) you have booked, simply log into our booking portal at app.vobster.com - it will display a list of the future swim sessions that you have booked.

As we move into Summer, Vobster Quay will become increasingly busy and we expect most (if not all) swim sessions to be running at full capacity. That inevitably means that if you turn up without a booking or simply at the wrong time, we will sadly be forced to turn you away. No one wants that so please work with us to avoid disappointment.

Not sure how to book? Visit our swim page for more information on how to book a swim slot at Vobster Quay,