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SURFACE WATER TEMP:  15.1 °C    UPDATED:  20-05-2022
Updated: 1st April 2022
Recent visitors cannot help but have noticed the flurry of activity in the far left corner of the quayside - now all can be revealed! Thanks to the amazing talents of Tom Trouton, our swim seating area has been transformed with the addition of an all-new drystone wall seating area complete with firepit!
We should like to give a great big thank you and massive 'you are the best' to Tom Trouton and his team from Tom Trouton Dry Stone Walls and Landscaping for donating the most impressive piece of art to Vobster Quay.

Tom and his team have been very busy designing and crafting a unique area for our lovely visitors to enjoy, complete with drystone walls featuring integral seats and tables, a beautiful fire pit featuring a unique 'wave' design (heatwave - geddit?) and even a beautifully crafted stretch of wall featuring embedded ammonites discovered onsite during excavation.

Thanks to Tom's hard work and creeative flare, Vobster visitors will be able to sit and enjoy the lake in this most amazing area and appreciate the ancient craft of dry stone walling that has been created for us. In addition, we'll be 'firing up' the fire pit during swim events, giving event attendees a cosy place to sit and enjoy their visit.

Tom is quite new to swimming at Vobster - his first experience was only last Autumn - but we hope that he remains a regular visitor. If you do happen to encounter Tom whilst swimming at Vobster, please do tell him how much difference he has made to the Quay - he does like a chat and a piece of cake!

You can follow Tom's work on facebook and Instagram or visit his website at www.tomtrouton.co.uk.